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Petra is an ancient Nabataean city located in Jordan, whose name means "rock" in ancient Greek.

As early as the 6th century B.C., the Nabataeans made it a prosperous stage along the route of caravans carrying pearls and turquoise, ivory and silk, incense and spices. Petra was a real crossroads between Arabia and the Mediterranean, and between Egypt and Syria.

Having fallen into oblivion in the modern world, it was rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Jean-Louis Burckhardt in 1812.

The emblematic building in Petra is the Khazneh, with its monumental facade carved into the rock face.


The process begins with a bas-relief engraving applied on a slightly rounded base.

Once the model is thus engraved, the second stage involves applying the grisaille pictorial technique, using only shades of the same colour. Ranging from light to dark.

Finally, the distinctive fresco painting sets the final touch to this creation.


45.4mm 18K White Gold hand-engraved.

Unique Piece, Number 01/01


The white gold case is adorned with a bas-relief and features hand-engraved lugs. The depictions of columns and elephants – symbolising strength and wealth – are drawn from across the entire Petra site.

Making of

Caliber LM35

High-precision tourbillon movement, awarded First Prize in the International Chronometry Competition.


21600 VPH (3 Hz)

72 hours

Jewels: 19

18K Gold

Hours, Minutes

Hours, Minutes

30 meters
24 mm
Folding Clasp
47 mm
The Blue Mosque
Christ The Redeemer
THe Great Wall
Pyramid Of Khufu
Taj Mahal
45.4 mm
THe Colosseum
Machu Picchu
Swiss made

8 Marvels of the World

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