8 Marvels of the World

Pyramid of Khufu


The Pyramid is the largest of the Giza pyramids and also referred to as the Great Pyramid.

It was built by the Egyptians about 4,500 years ago, under the IVth dynasty.

Already considered in antiquity as the first of the seven wonders of the world, it is the only one to have survived to the present day. For millennia it remained the tallest and most voluminous ever construction. It is still being analysed because it has not yet revealed all its mysteries…


The dial is cut from a block of Willow Creek Jasper, a natural stone whose design is reminiscent of the sand dunes of Egypt.

Hieroglyphics are then applied using a transparency technique to create a mysterious effect.

The pyramid

The pyramid itself is made of gold and covered with carefully calibrated grains of enamel.


47mm 18K Rose Gold hand-engraved.

Unique Piece, Number 01/01

Statue of Khufu

The statue of Khufu is represented on three different levels.

Like ancient Egyptian statues, it is made of black basalt and its headdress is adorned with gold miniature painting.


The case is engraved by hand, partly using the taille de joue technique, in which the engraver imparts a particular sense of movement to the engraved object. It depicts the lotus flowers adorning the tops (capitals) of Egyptian columns. The lugs are engraved with Khufu’s cartouche.

Making of

Caliber LM35

High-precision tourbillon movement, awarded First Prize in the International Chronometry Competition.


21600 VPH (3 Hz)

72 hours

Jewels: 19

18K Gold

Hours, Minutes

Hours, Minutes

30 meters
24 mm
Folding Clasp
47 mm
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Pyramid Of Khufu
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45.4 mm
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Swiss made

8 Marvels of the World

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