Moon race

Last on the Moon

Episode 4 | 1976

Luna 24 is the last probe of the Luna programme to land on the Moon, in the unexplored region of Mare Crisium.

It brought back 170 grams of lunar soil samples (regolith). The analysis of these samples proved to be valuable, proving the existence of water on the lunar regolith.

After landing on the Moon on August 18th 1976, Luna 24 returned to Earth (Siberia) on August 22nd 1976, thus concluding the Luna programme, which began with Luna 1 in 1959, as well as the Moon Race launched in 1961.

It was not until 32 years later that a new probe landed on the Moon (Moon Impact Probe, India). China also landed a probe (Chang'e 3), but in a controlled manner (soft landing) in 2013, subsequently bringing back samples from the Moon in 2020 (Chang'e 5).


Luna 24 spacecraft is hand-engraved and a real piece of Luna 24 (resin-coated braided fibre) adorns its side.

This material has travelled over a million kilometres through interplanetary space from the Earth to the Moon and back, aboard Luna 24.

The Moon

The Moon is shown here in high contrast, with copper etching to highlight its craters.


45.4mm 18K Red Gold.

Unique Piece, Number 01/01

The Earth & The Sun

The earth is made of azurite-malachite.

The sun is made of yellow Pietersite.

The Sky

The sky is made of black Aventurine.


Hand-engravings representing the Proton rocket, a Russian heavy launcher.

The centre is decorated with lunar engravings, while the base of the bezel features the incredible design of the Luna 24 space probe.

Authentic spacecraft fragment
Black Aventurine

Caliber LM35

High-precision tourbillon movement, awarded First Prize in the International Chronometry Competition.


21600 VPH (3 Hz)

72 hours

Jewels: 19

45.4 mm

Hours, Minutes

Hours, Minutes

30 meters
24 mm
Folding Clasp
18K Gold
Swiss made

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