Moon race

First on the Moon

Episode 1 | 1966

Luna 9 was the Soviet space probe that made the first successful lunar soft landing.

It was a real feat at the time, following a long series of failures. Soviet astronautics lost 26 space probes between 1962 and 1965 without a single success.

Launched on January 31st 1966 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Luna 9 landed in the Ocean of Storms (Oceanus Procellarum) on February 3rd 1966, giving the world the first panoramic images of the lunar surface.


The dial depicts the soft landing of Luna 9. The spacecraft is hand-engraved and then entirely painted.

It includes an original piece of woven fibre from Luna 24.

This piece made the journey from the Earth to the Moon and back – over a million kilometres through interplanetary space – aboard Luna 24.


45.4mm 18K Red Gold.

Unique Piece, Number 01/01

Sky & Earth

The sky is made of black Aventurine.

The earth is depicted in a highly detailed artistic miniature painting.

The Moon

The Moon is entirely hand-engraved, then blackened in the old-fashioned way to give it an enigmatic appearance.


Hand-engravings representing Luna 9 and the lunar landing capsule.

Authentic spacecraft fragment
Black Aventurine

Caliber LM35

High-precision tourbillon movement, awarded First Prize in the International Chronometry Competition.


21600 VPH (3 Hz)

72 hours

Jewels: 19

45.4 mm

Hours, Minutes

Hours, Minutes

30 meters
24 mm
Folding Clasp
18K Gold
Swiss made

Moon Race

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