TIME TO RACE: The Silver Winner earns its name

The TIME TO RACE Silver Winner has picked up a German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design “category. This internationally recognized prize is granted by a jury of renowned experts and pays homage to the most innovative and influential designs.

It’s the dawn of 2024 and Louis Moinet is looking ahead to another superlative year on the global stage. After ASTRONEF, the TIME TO RACE Silver Winner has won a German Design Award. These two accolades demonstrate the brand’s dynamism in the field of horological conception.

Uniquely personal

TIME TO RACE is not a limited series but rather a family of unique pieces. Collectors will be able to personalise their model by selecting a special coded colour and a unique number that will appear at 6 o’clock on the dial.

The TIME TO RACE watches represent the merger of the art of watchmaking and the spirit of motor racing. The colours chosen for these creations refer back to legendary automobiles. The Silver Winner combines silver, red and black, which are linked to German racecars.

The bright and powerful red has a well-chosen place. It appears on the off-centre dial where it accentuates the “lucky number,” the main element of personalisation. This touch of red is also found on the tachometer, which is made of neoralite, an innovative and modern material.

The competitive spirit of auto racing is palpable in the design of the TIME TO RACE models. The aerodynamic lines of this watch are the product of a spirited aesthetic idea. The chronograph mechanism at its heart is revealed in all its glory behind the sapphire crystal.

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