The JULES VERNE TOURBILLON “TO THE MOON” model offers a very special opportunity for personalization. The prospective owner can choose one of eight fragments of a lunar meteorite to adorn the center of the dial.

The meteorite in question is named Gadamis 005. It is one of the rarest substances found on earth and is considered by specialists to be one of the most beautiful stones to ever come from the moon.

It comes from an area of the moon that the Apollo 16 crew explored during its 1972 mission. Following a lunar impact, this fascinating rock from the moon was propelled on a great cosmic adventure. It ultimately landed in the Sahara Desert, near the Berber oasis town of Ghadames in Libya, hence the name.

The inside of the meteorite is very special, a marbled greyish white that resembles the mysterious surface of the moon itself when seen from earth with the naked eye on a clear night.

The JULES VERNE “TO THE MOON” is a unique concept. It offers the owner the privilege of choosing and owning a unique piece of lunar meteorite.

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