A new milestone in artistic watchmaking

Let us invite you to witness the birth of the SAVANNA TOURBILLON jigsaw puzzle dial through our behind-the-scenes video, in which we reveal the exquisite craftsmanship that went into its creation.

The SAVANNA TOURBILLON TIGER has been nominated by the GPHG Academy in the “Artistic Crafts” category.

As for the puzzle itself, it is assembled on four levels, which allows you to fully appreciate the interlocking play of its eighty-one pieces. To ensure an impeccable image, the craftsman must take the puzzle apart and paint the edges of each piece with the utmost precision. Then, very meticulously, he reassembles the pieces to form the dial. The SAVANNA TOURBILLON TIGER dial illustrates a new creative concept and technique to widen the horizon of métiers d’art.

Savanna Tourbillon


18K Red Gold

Unique timepiece


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