Ateliers Louis Moinet

James’ Odyssey

An intergalactic trilogy

This original approach, which is a first in the watch industry, consists in allowing people discover the quintessence of our watchmaking creations within a mysterious and enigmatic universe. To do this, we have devised a trilogy: three films that constitute both an epic saga across the galaxies and the starting point of our watchmaking creativity. This journey to the heart of the universe is accompanied by commentary from Hollywood star Robert Davi.

Episode 1

Space Revolution

James faces the Prince of Darkness, the master of evil, who wants to destroy the world. James must bring back to Earth a meteorite that is the sole means of saving the world.

Episode 2

Ad Astra

At the height of his battle with the Prince of Darkness, James is trapped inside a black hole. He struggles against the forces of gravity, knowing that his only hope lies in the purity of diamond…

Episode 3


James has finally managed to bring the meteorite back to earth. Is that the end of the story? Definitely not! Since the Prince of Darkness was unable destroy the world, he now wants to bring time to a halt. To achieve this, he has seized the first chronograph ever made, the one created by Louis Moinet…

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