Geograph Titanium - Aventurine

Geograph Titanium features two incredibly slim aventurine dials – 0.5 mm thick – on which any work is a perilous exercice.

The Geograph Titanium is an exclusive limited edition: just 12 pieces. The dial counters are made of aventurine. Aventurine is a delightful serendipity: in the seventeenth century, glass-blowers scattered shards of metal in their glass. The unexpected result created quite a stir in royal courts – and at the great glass manufacturers, particularly at Murano.

Today, there are hardly any craftsmen who make it. Louis Moinet has been working with a few rare samples from the personal collection of Daniel Haas – the man already behind the Louis Moinet dials made from semi-precious stones, cosmic materials, comets and stardust.

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