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In honour of the memory of its illustrious founder – and on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its rebirth – Ateliers Louis Moinet unveils a visionary creation, positioning the chronograph not simply as a complication – but as a central component of the watch

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Media files
MEMORIS_LM-54.50.25 BB
MEMORIS_LM-54.50.25 WB
MEMORIS_LM-54.50.35 BB
MEMORIS_LM-54.50.35 WB
MEMORIS_LM-54.50.15 BB
MEMORIS_LM-54.50.15 WB
MEMORIS_LM-54.70.25 BB
MEMORIS_LM-54.70.25 WB
MEMORIS_LM-54.70.35 BB
MEMORIS_LM-54.70.35 WB
MEMORIS_LM-54.70.15 BB
MEMORIS_LM-54.70.15 WB
Memoris Drawing 01 - Movement
Memoris Drawing 02 - Subdial
Memoris Drawing 03 - Column Wheel
Memoris Drawing 04 - Case
Memoris Drawing 05 - Applique
Memoris - Landscape

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