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Memoris Superlight – Red Dot Design Award

We are very proud to share with you that “Memoris Superlight” has just been awarded a Red Dot Design Award. Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business and is one of the world’s most important distinctions.

“Louis Moinet invented the chronograph in 1816; we transformed it in 2020. It all began with a 100% ingenious design within which the traditional mechanism has been dissociated: automatic winding on the back, and the chronograph system on the front”.

Jean-Marie Schaller

Owner & Creative Director
Les Ateliers Louis Moinet


New and unique vision | Distinctive look | Bold and contemporary design | Single-pusher chronograph | 500-component mechanism | Dial: Orange and two shades of blue | Counters: translucent avant-garde material | Polished grade 5 titanium case (31 grams only) | Chevé concave Sapphire crystals | Limited Edition of 28 watches only

Memoris Superlight


Limited edition of 28 watches



Limited edition of 28 watches