The Great Wall | China

8 Marvels of the World | The Great Wall, China

The Great Wall is the most important architectural structure ever built, in terms of length, surface area and mass. It stretches over 6,200 kilometres.

The hand-engraved rose gold applique depicts the Great Wall, which gradually transforms into a powerful dragon surrounding the jade path. The bright green shine of the maw-sit-sit jade stone lends itself wonderfully to illuminating the path of the dragon.

In the background, a celestial vault consists of a gradient paving of 129 brilliant-cut sapphires and 11 brilliant-cut diamonds. Through its three shades of blue, it evokes a deep sky, studded with a few diamonds. It overlooks the distant mountain, appearing as a hand-engraved white gold applique.

A subtle play on height dissociates the elements of this artwork. It enables the dragon to express its power and dominate the scene.

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