Machu Picchu | Peru

8 Marvels of the World | Machu Picchu, Peru

The site of Machu Picchu is represented by a golden city at the foot of two marvellous mountains cut and carved with great finesse from a Yowah Nut opal. They surround a central stone in Crazy Lace Agate, chosen for its delicate veins pointing towards the sun.

A hand-engraved golden sun shines above the creation while respecting the iconographic representation of the Incas. Everything converges towards this daystar embodying the spirituality of the Inca culture. These include four Andean condors, a true national symbol of Peru. Meticulously engraved and painted by hand, these birds fly in a deep blue sky, crafted using the micro-painting technique.

8 Marvels of the World

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