GPHG – Space Revolution Official Nomination

Warm thanks to the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) for nominating Space Revolution.

SPACE REVOLUTION represents the evolution of the tourbillon. In this incredible stage performance, the two tourbillons move at high speed, pushing the limits of technology. The first performs a revolution in five minutes (clockwise) and the second in ten minutes (counter-clockwise), together staging a unique and lively show.

The two spaceships that accompany the tourbillons weigh barely half a gram. They are made from titanium, individually hand-finished and endowed with special brilliance by a hybrid ceramic coating. The 2021 edition features a high-quality black aventurine dial.


All-new mechanism | Three years of technical development | Two tourbillons rotating in opposite directions | Hyper-fast rotation speed | 0.5 gram titanium spaceships | Two differential mechanism oscillators | Six ceramic ball bearings | Sapphire dome | Lunar or Martian meteorite | Eight watches

Space Revolution

Space Revolution

2021 Edition

18K Rose Gold | Sapphire

Limited edition of 8 watches


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