Around the Moon | 1970

Moon Race | Around the Moon, 1970

Apollo 13 is the third episode of the conquest of the Moon. “Around the Moon” depicts the spectacular rescue of Apollo 13, which managed to reach Earth with a badly damaged spacecraft.

The spacecraft is hand-engraved and then enhanced with a fragment of the polyimide film that protected it on its return journey. The spacecraft can be seen heading towards Earth, having circled the Moon. Onyx, a variety of agate used since antiquity for its deep black colour, embodies the mysterious face of the night star. It is set against granite from the Bernese Oberland, found by Daniel Haas at an altitude of over 2,000 metres. The blue Pietersite from Namibia was chosen to evoke the beauty of the Earth. Black astralite, also known as aventurine or event river gold, completes the picture. The astralite adorning the Moon Race watch was acquired and carefully preserved by the father of Daniel Haas, our partner in the field of exceptional stones.

Moon Race

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