Daniel Haas

Meteorite cutter

Unique expertise in the preparation of rare and ancient materials.

The extra-terrestrial materials and fossils used for Louis Moinet timepieces are exceptionally rare. They are brittle and delicate and require meticulous cutting to be shaped into horological works of art. Jean-Marie Schaller has always entrusted his invaluable treasures to the skilled hands of Daniel Haas.

Jean-Marie Schaller and Daniel Haas have maintained a longstanding friendship, fuelled by their shared passion for watchmaking and their fascination with treasures from distant lands, with rare fossils, with precious stones. Every new discovery, idea, or project generates real emotion between these two brilliant movers, who are devoted to creativity.

A family business

Founded in 1971 by Daniel Haas’ father, Haas Cadrans is still in family hands. The company quickly distinguished itself by its expertise in cutting extraordinary materials. Its success is largely attributed to its tiger-eye dials, which were particularly sought-after at the time.

In 1987, following the crises that shook the watchmaking industry, Daniel Haas took the reins of the company and maintained the artisanal know-how inherited from his father.

Thanks to his commitment and determination, he has managed to build a prestigious clientele. Today, the reputation of his workshop is such that Daniel Haas regularly declines new requests in order to fully devote himself to brands he feels especially drawn to, notably Les Ateliers Louis Moinet, with which collaborates closely.

Artisanal production

Daniel Haas’ artisanal work requires patience, precision, and profound knowledge to preserve the splendour of rare materials. He has to cut stones into thin slices of barely 0.5 millimetres thick, and then shape them meticulously using diamond grinding wheels, a process that requires several hours of painstaking work. The delicate phase of drilling holes for hands and openings for complications, such as the tourbillon, is executed with extreme rigour. Each gesture bears witness to Daniel Haas’ unique craftsmanship.

Jean-Marie Schaller and Daniel Haas have explored a wide range of extraordinary materials, such as meteorites from Mars and Moon, fossilised dinosaur bones, or petrified palm wood.

Their beautiful friendship has allowed them to create timepieces that harmoniously combine age-old matter with mechanisms designed for eternity. Their limitless creativity is bound to enchant us for a long time yet…

The first watch in the world to incorporate a fragment of the moon

The Louis Moinet MAGISTRALIS from 2009, became the first watch in the world to incorporate a fragment of the moon. This marked our first collaboration with Daniel Haas.

The Louis Moinet MARS MISSION timepiece features an authentic Martian meteorite fragment, which is suspended above the void. Only 277 Martian meteorites are known to exist worldwide and this one, the Jiddat Al Harasis, was discovered in the desert in Oman.

Mars Mission

Limited Edition

Mars Mission

316L stainless steel

Limited edition of 100 watches


Mars Mission

316L stainless steel

Limited edition of 100 watches


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